List of Minisymposia


MS 01: ANN and data-driven approaches in material and structural mechanics

Yousef Heider, Fadi Aldakheel, Franz Bamer, Henning Wessels, Karl A. Kalina


MS 02: Current trends in modelling and simulation of biological systems: numerics, application and data integration

Christian Bleiler, Sebastian Brandstaeter, Lena Lambers, Renate Sachse


MS 03: (merged with MS 17) Computational Modeling and Methods for Multiphase Problems

Leonardo Boledi, Benjamin Terschanski, Donat Weniger


MS 04: Digital Twins and Their Enabling Technologies

Max von Danwitz, Norbert Hosters


MS 05 Multi-scale modelling and computational approaches to continua with micro-structure

Adam Sky, Andreas Warkentin, Stephan Lange


MS 06: Multiphysical Modeling of Complex Material Behavior

Matthias Rambausek, Elten Polukhov, Miguel A. Moreno-Mateos, Markus Mehnert


MS 07:  (canceled)  Modeling and discretization of slender continua and their interaction

Ivo Steinbrecher, Christoph Meier, Christian Hesch, Joachim Linn


MS 08: Numerical simulations of flows in porous media

Marco De Paoli


MS 09: Multi-scale Shape Optimization Problems in Continuum Mechanics

Ramy Nemer, Daniel Wolff, Jacques Zwar


MS 10: Computational treatment of slender structures allowing for large rotations

Alexander Müller, Rebecca Thierer, Lisa Julia Nebel


MS 11: Stratified turbulence

Francesco Zonta


MS 12: Modeling and Simulation of Heterogeneous Materials: Microstructure and Properties

Markus Sudmanns, Yejun Gu


MS 13: Droplets, bubbles and interfaces in turbulent flows

Mahdi Saeedipour, Francesca Mangani


MS 14: Mechanics of soft multifunctional materials: Experiment, modeling and simulation

Mokarram Hossain, Daniel Garcia-Gonzalez, Matthias Rambausek


MS 15:  (canceled)  Modeling of fiber-based products

Ann-Malin Schmidt, Daniela Sofronova


MS 16: Modeling, Simulation and Quantification of Polymorphic Uncertainty in Real Word Engineering Problems

F. Niklas Schietzold, Selina Zschocke


MS 17:  (merged with MS 03) Multi-Phase and Interface Flow Problems

Patrick G. Antony, Blanca Ferrer Fabón, Norbert Hosters


MS 18:  (canceled)  The role of interphases and interfaces in the overall behavior of composites

Paras Kumar, Soheil Firooz


MS 19: Integrating Computational and Experimental Mechanics

Knut Andreas Meyer, Tobias Kaiser


MS 20: Reduced order modeling and fast simulation strategies

Margarita Chasapi, Thibaut Hirschler


MS 21: General

This session is intended for submissions that do not fall into the scope of any of the scheduled minisymposia.