We intend to obtain the certificate ÖkoEvent (EcoEvent) issued by the City of Vienna. In order to be granted such a certificate, a number of criteria need to be fulfilled, all of them designed to decrease the use of resources or the amount of waste and emissions. Measures that need to be implemented for an oekoevent include, e.g., the use of non-disposable products or the replacement of printed material with digital alternatives. This not only means higher standards and better quality for the participants, but also reflects positively on the outside view of the conference in general.

Travel and Mobility

To reach Vienna, there exist many convinient train connections. More details can be found on the Travel subpage. Furthermore, the conference will take place in one of the downtown campuses of TU Wien, located close to the central square Karlsplatz; a nearby transportation hub. Thus, the venue (see also Venue subpage) can be reached perfectly by public transport. Generally, the excellent public transportation system in Vienna will allow you to get around easily within the city. Another possibility to explore the city is provided by the public bike sharing service WienMobil Rad. In summary, Vienna offers many options for traveling with low emissions, which suits well the sustainable focus of the conference.