List of Minisymposia

MS 01: Modeling and simulation of metal additive manufacturing processes
Christoph Meier, Stefan Kollmannsberger, Thorsten Bartel, Ferdinando Auricchio

MS 02: Artificial neural networks in material and structural mechanics
Yousef Heider, Henning Wessels, Fadi Aldakheel

MS 03: Computational biomechanics and biomedical engineering of active biological systems - from methods to clinical application
Christian Bleiler, Lena Lambers, Renate Sachse

MS 04: Space and time discretization of coupled problems
Marlon Franke, Rogelio Ortigosa, Peter Betsch

MS 05: Data-integrated modeling and simulation
Anika Strauß, Jonas Kneifl, Julian Lißner, Jörg Fehr, Manfred Bischoff

MS 06: Data-driven calibration of numerical models: bridging the gap between simulations and industrial reality
Jack Sykes, Dan Rhymer, Dominik Werner, Hanqiao Che, Andrei Leonard Nicusan, Kit Windows-Yule

MS 07: Data-driven computational modeling of mechanical behavior of materials
Panos Pantidis, Mostafa Mobasher, Ketson R. M. dos Santos

MS 08: Data-based characterization, modeling and simulation of materials across scales
Karl A. Kalina, Pietro Carrara, Marreddy Ambati

MS 09: Data-driven reduced-order modeling of nonlinear dynamical systems
Mattia Cenedese

MS 10: Advanced methods for modeling and characterization of discontinuous fiber reinforced polymers
Nils Meyer, Johannes Görthofer

MS 11: Isogeometric analysis: an advanced solution for industrial applications
Panagiotis Karakitsios, Panagiotis Kolios, Vasiliki Tsotoulidi

MS 12: Scientific machine learning in computational mechanics
Alexander Heinlein, Matthias Möller

MS 13: Advanced modelling approaches for continua with microstructure
Christoph Böhm, Carina Witt

MS 14: Microstructural material modelling and simulation of machining processes
Johanna Waimann

MS 15: Direct numerical simulation methods for multiphase flows
Mathis Fricke, Tomislav Maric

MS 16: Advances of temporal coupling schemes for multi-physics problems
Thomas Spenke, Norbert Hosters

MS 17: (canceled) Multi-scale fracture composite finite element modeling
Guillermo Díaz

MS 18: Synthesis of multiscale computational methods and experimental data for simulating cementitious materials
Jithender J. Timothy, Mareike Thiedeitz, Thomas Kränkel

MS 19: Design optimization in computational mechanics
Long Chen, Ihar Antonau, Thomas Oberbichler, Johannes Haubner

MS 20: Parameter-free shape optimization
Lars Radtke, Jan Philipp Heners

MS 21: Peridynamic theory and multiscale methods for complex material behavior
Patrick Diehl, Debdeep Bhattacharya, Greta Ongaro, Cong Nguyen

MS 22: Recent innovations in the phase-field modeling and computation
Fadi Aldakheel, Marreddy Ambati, Yousef Heider

MS 23: Multiscale modeling of multiphysics problems with non-local phase-field
Ritukesh Bharali, Nima Noii, Somdatta Goswami, Maryam Parvizi, Thomas Wick

MS 24: Modern methods for computational modeling of polymers
Serhat Aygün, Klara Loos, Khiêm Ngoc Vu

MS 25: Current research developments grounding on or including the theory of porous media
Andrea Thom, Julia Sunten

MS 26: Residual stresses in solids
Sonja Hellebrand, Martha Seiler, Sören Keller, Hannes Erdle

MS 27: Mechanics of soft active materials: multi-field coupling and failure mechanisms
Anas Kanan, Sergey Kozinov, Markus Mehnert, Elten Polukhov

MS 28: Non-standard discretization and multiscale modelling for structural elements
Markus Klassen, Simon Klarmann, Georgia Kikis

MS 29: Recent advances in numerical simulation of time-dependent problems
Pouria Behnoudfar, Gabriele Loli, Judit Muñoz-Matute, Luis Espath, Eirik Valseth

MS 30: Advanced discretization schemes for computational mechanics of structures, solids, fluids and their interaction
Bastian Oesterle, Suneth Warnakulasuriya, Roland Wüchner

MS 31: General session
This session is intended for submissions that do not fall into the scope of any of the scheduled minisymposia.